Northern Lights Midnight & Dinner Cruise

1ST OCTOBER 2015 - 31ST MARCH 2016

The catamaran MB Havcruise is a very comfortable boat with good deck space, toilets and a warm homely lounge. This is a very civilized way to hunt for the lights. The owners live on board in the winter season.

We stay in protected waters, and we find a secure place for the Northern Lights. This depends of course if nature is with us or not, and if the activity is good. Northern Lights from the seaside are spectacular and beautiful. Even the light pollution from the town disappears into the black sea.Our statistics for Northern Light sightings give us a 80% score, which must be regarded as very good. You also get a fabulous view of the Tromsø area in the beautiful Arctic winter night. Knowledgeable hosts with years of experience will do their utmost to give you a memorable experience.During the trip we serve a North-Norwegian traditional fish dinner made with the best ingredients. This consists of boiled cod with potatoes, bacon, onions, vegetables, flatbread and butter. As dessert we offer, chocolate / biscuits / fruit and hot drinks.

Remember to show up in good time, we prefer 15 minutes before departure. There is a map on the booking site. Check up your meeting point in good time before departure which is at 8 pm at the floating Jetty on the north side of Scandic Ishavshotel in the center of Tromsø City. There is only one entress to that Jetty. You meet at the catamaran Havcruise (red and white).  We will not wait more than 5 minutes after departure. Call us if you are not sure where to number +4794847500



Included: Hot drinks, traditional fish meal, chocolate / biscuits / fruit, poncho and tripod available onboard, guide, survival suitDuration: 3 hours (20:00 - 23:00)Number of participants: 2-12Level of difficulty: Easy / All

 Adults 1300 NOK / Children 650 NOK

MIDNIGHT CRUISE (not every night, only from 8th of February till 25th of February)

Included: Hot drinks, chocolate/biscuits and fruit, poncho and tripod available on board, guide, survival suitDuration: 2,5 hours (23:30 - 02:00)Number of participants: 2-12Level of difficulty: Easy / All     

 Adults 1200NOK / Children 600 NOK