Tromsø Fjord Cruise


As owners of Sørøya Havfiskecruise Ltd. we can proudly introduce ourselves as a pioneer of winter tourism by boat in Tromso. OUR SLOGAN IS QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

Norwegian skippers and crew with great knowledge and years of experience, makes this a safe and memorable trip. Since 2006 we have offered day trips to our guests with our stable and cozy catamaran MB Havcruise. A maximum of 12 guests per trip provides a social and a cozy atmosphere. One does not need to fight for the views. 

We offer two different Fjord Cruises this winter:

The first tour 10:00-13:00 goes to Ramfjorden / Balsfjorden, where among other things one can see the sea ice. Due to the weather we might change the route to other wonderful places. The second tour 13:30-15: 30 goes around the beautiful isle of Tromsø. Both these tours are mainly thought to enjoy the bright winter colors and scenery of our Arctic winter landscape. Sometimes we see porpoises, white -beaked dolphins, seals, eagles and other seabirds. We often tell small stories, and are open to questions about the city and other things. We offer hot drinks and homemade cakes or biscuits/chocolate along the route.We are very serious when it comes to safety. Yearly check on equipment and boat on an authorized ship yard. All our passengers are well insured on board!

 We serve cakes, biscuits, chocolate and hot drinks along the way.Included: Hot drinks, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, binoculars and ponchos available onboard

Remember to show up in good time, we prefer 15 minutes before departure. There is a map on the booking site. Check up your meeting point in good time before departure which is at 8 pm at the floating Jetty on the north side of Scandic Ishavshotel in the center of Tromsø City. There is only one entress to that Jetty. You meet at the catamaran Havcruise (red and white).  We will not wait more than 5 minutes after departure. Call us if you are not sure where to number +4794847500


  Adult 1200 NOK / Child up to 12 years old half price