A family run fishing & cruise service based in the richest waters of norway and europe, Sørvær on Sørøya in Vest-Finnmark. Come visit us for fishing, fjords, northern lights, whale safari's and more! Since we are fully mobile, we can also start from other places both in Troms and Finnmark counties. See the activities in the menu to the left and find ease in booking directly through our website.

In the winter season from the 1th of October until the 31th of March we are located in Tromsø. Then we offer Fishing Cruises, Day/Fjord Cruises, Whale Safari and Northern Light Cruises.

In the summer season we are in Sørøya. Sørøya is Norway's fourth largest island, area-wise, and is shared by the municipalities of Hasvik and Hammerfest. Its total area is 811.4 km². The island's landscape is open and practically free of any trees. It has a beautiful landscape to hike in with many good fishing lakes. Sørøya is often called "The green isle of the North".

The annual " Sørøydagene" (Sørøya Days) event takes place here each July. Sørøya is renowned for its big fish, and several world records for fish have been set here. We can offer a pick-up service for our guests, depending on the weather. Otherwise, there are good connections to and from Sørøya.






Hallibut fishing: 24 kg