Sørøya (1st April - 31st September)

Deep Sea Fishing

This is a fishing experience where you can expect to catch cod weighing up to and over 30 kg! At Sørøya "the land of the big fish" you can actually catch big cod or other kind of big fish all year around!

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Grouse, Hare And Goose Hunting

A hunt for hunters without dogs. As a hunter, you will have your own platform on board, an exiting form of “island hopping”! By workboat we place you on different islands with a solid hunting terrain. By this method, you will gain easy access to remote hunting areas well outside the regular fauna. After a long and eventful day on land we make sure to serve you the finest cuisine on board. These types of hunting trips usually takes place in the area around Sørøya, but can also be held in other areas for an extra fee.

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Bird Watching Andotten Bird Mountain

The bird mountain is one of the most photographed motives on the island. The mountain itself has a characteristic plateau of 355 meters above sea level and looks very similar to the north cape. On the cliffside facing the sea, you can view a mesmerizing amount of nesting seabirds, such as herring gulls, black-backed gull, seagull, kittiwake and cormorants.

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Company Trips

Our concept is suitable for all types of business trips, teambuilding or as a kick-off as they can easily combine with seminar or conference on-board (we have all necessary equipment ready) or a fishing trip, whale safari or northern lights watching.

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